We offer everything needed for the comfortable stay of your dog at any time and for as many days you have to be absent. We are situated in a panoramic location in Neo Rysio. Barely 20 kilometres from the centre of Thessalonica and on the road for Chalkidiki will you find our Hostel for small animals “Haus Jackson”. We believe that dogs (people’s best friend) deserve our care as an integral member of our family.

To provide high standard hospitality and impersonated services to our precious visitors.

Integrity: To maintain our services and our hospitality in high standards.
Common spirit: To work as a strong team with respect to the particularity of each dog.
Continuous effort for improvement: To improve our services and renew our space’s image.
I mpersonated hospitality: To serve each visitor with professionalism, respect, friendliness, politeness, directness and enthusiasm.

HAUS JACKSON offers everything needed in order to ensure your dog an excellent stay. For us each dog constitutes a separate personality, with needs that we consider our duty to attend to with the best possible way.

  • Comfortable rooms of stay .
  • Continuous veterinary supervision.
  • Daily exercise and game.
  • Experienced personnel.
  • Receipt - Delivery from/ at your house .
  • For more information contact us.

In order to observe to all rules of hygiene we have imposed certain terms so that we can avoid certain unpleasant situations regarding the dog’s health. The minimal age of dogs is the age of 6 months… we do not accept puppies of smaller age.

In order to accept the reservation and primarily the entry of your dog in our installations, the notebook of vaccination should be rightly filled in and the dog must have all the essential vaccines and parasiticides. The parasiticide for the outside-parasites (ticks, fleas…) is done at the entry of the animal in our installations with an ampoule, collar as well as with a general spraying of the animal.
The general picture of a dog should show us a vivid and healthy animal. We can not offer hospitality to dogs that seem sick or underfed and risk the health of the rest dogs.